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MERGE – the ultimate TSQL statement.  Great article from Hugo Kornelius on replacing UPDATE..FROM with MERGE.
Just starting using MERGE (aka UPSERT) as a replacement for TSQL’s UPDATE..FROM, and may start using it for INSERT also. Could MERGE replace both INSERT and UPDATE in my toolbox? hmm…

TSQL Best Practices – example code from the Spark 2015 conference.

Download here

TSQL – Parameterized WHERE clause

If you are not using sprocs, but creating sql on the fly, it should be parameterized, not string concatenated, for performance and security reasons.   How do you make your WHERE clause parameters optional?  SqlTeam has a great article on this:


Simply use  columnA = COALESCE(@paramA, columnA).    If paramA is null, then you get columnA = columnA, and all rows will return.  Simple and genius 😉

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